One Place I Didn't Expect To Have A Mini-con...

Had a good time at Classic Garage ComicCon. Never thought I'd be hanging out with a bunch of herds at a car museum but there's a first time for everything.

Also decided this time around to do no digital shooting whatsoever. Just had my Instax Wide 300 and my Pentax ES II loaded with Ilford HP5+. I did use this event to perform a bit of an experiment. HP5+ is an ISO 400 film but with the lighting at the museum the pics there would most likely be underexposed. So during development I decided to push the film to ISO 1600. I really couldn't find a definitive 'recipe' for doing this using Ilford Ilfosol 3 so I ended up picking up some Kodak HC-110 to use for this. And wow I really love the results.

If you're into car history I highly recommend checking out Dick's Classic Garage in San Marcos. I really appreciate the fact that they really have a focus on vehicles made before 1960. You can find thier website here: