Sweetness Maid Cafe - 2017 Photoshoot

Had a great time working with the wonderful people from the Sweetness Maid Cafe on this one. Using the HOPE Outdoor Gallery as a backdrop was really neat. Lots of potential for doing photos there especially since it's an ever changing gallery. If you're ever in Austin you should go check it out. You can find more information about the gallery at this link: http://hopecampaign.org/hopeprojects/hope-outdoor-gallery/

Shooting at Waveform was a good experience as well. The staff is super helpful and their studio setup is wonderful to work with. Nice to not have to bring in all the gear. Set up your lighting and scene, grab a transmitter, and just GO. Made my life easier. If you need a studio to shot at in Austin then look them up: http://waveformaustin.com/

If you're at San Japan I highly recommend getting a ticket to one of their sessions. The maids and butlers are a lot of fun to be around and it's a great way to unwind. They are also available for outside events as well. If you are interested in having them at your next event get in touch with them here: https://www.facebook.com/SweetnessMaidCafe/

Special thanks to Allybelle Cosplay for assisting me on this shoot. And for bringing small fans to keep people cool.