Allybelle Cosplay - Whatagirl (10-22-17)

From the "Allybelle and I get goofy ideas" department.

During San Japan Allybelle had a version of Sailor Venus that was based off of a one shot image that was used in the manga and eventually an artbook that was referred to as Fruits Maid Sailor Senshi. But given the colors for Venus people kept asking if she was a "Whataburger Maid".

When she told me about that my thought was "There's something here we need to explore."

Typically when I see Whataburger inspired cosplay they tend to crossover with Wonder Woman... most likely due to the similarity in the logos. So we both thought there was opportunity in doing a fully original character.

We had actually tried to work with Whataburger to see if we could shoot this character in one of their locations since we're both fans of the company (I always have a bottle of their Spicy Ketchup on hand). But for a number of reasons we weren't able to do so. The idea is too cute not to share however so enjoy some test pics we sent along to them.