Lilfaun Cosplay - Cammy (10/14/17)

This shoot was a great example of things coming together at the right time. I was trying to put together a shoot at Texas Gamers Lounge when I saw a post from Lilfaun Cosplay with some initial pics of her Cammy and how she wanted to do a shoot in an arcade. I had been wanting to work with her for a while so for things to come together like this was amazing.

Thanks to Imran Acosta for allowing us to come in and use the arcade for this shoot. Especially for putting up with me being a photographer and moving cabinets around for good shots. TGL is an awesome gaming venue and his game selection is seriously legit. TGL is not fully open yet but they are running preview weekends and tournaments to give the public a taste of what the place is like. Keep an eye on their page for upcoming events.