Photo by Lilith Astaroth

I'm an Austin based photographer who likes working with creative people to help highlight their talents and skillsets. A lot of my experience has been with music and event coverage and has now branched out into doing more on location and in studio portraiture work.

I previously was the Department Head for Media Operations at MAGFest which oversaw the photography, streaming, and recording at various events across the country. This also extended intostaffing and running the MAGFest Jamspace at PAX South. I also was a photographer for Main Events at San Japan. Locally I would cover events such as Classic Game Fest, Nerdcore Nights, Hometown Throwdown, Party World Rasslin', and more. More recently I have been doing more portraiture work, primarily with cosplay.

The main thing is that I like working with people who have passionate creative pursuits. There's something I've really come to aprreciate with working with individuals and groups like that. As a creative there's something that just clicks and together we can make good art.

Rob Swackhamer