Photo by Lilith Astaroth

Photo by Lilith Astaroth


Not just a nerd with a camera

Being as nerdy as I have been my whole life my experiences with exploring those subjects through both videography and photography have been interesting, challenging, fun and rewarding. As I've shifted more towards photography I've started thinking more about how to present these particular facets of not only my life but those I've know for years and those who I may have only known for a short time. Furthermore I want to find paths to show them off in ways maybe others hadn't considered.

Not that everything I do will be nerd related. There are many things I enjoy that don't necessarily fit that label. But I see where exploring new methods for things I'm very familiar with can translate to how I document what I am somewhat knowledgeable of and of that which is completely foreign to me.

Along this journey one other thing I would like to try to achieve is finding new and hidden talent, both in front of and behind the camera. If there's anything I have learned in my years of doing this is that there are many people who I can tell would do well if given opportunity. Both in being subject matter and gaining knowledge in how to present subject near and dear to them.

My hope for all of this is to get others to look at very familiar things in a new way. And maybe help others do the same along the way.

Rob Swackhamer